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SCS - Seagrass Site
Seagrass IDMY0011
Seagrass Site Name
Southern most Latitude
Northern most Latitude
Western most Longtitude
Eastern most Longtitude
Substrate -- Mean partical size (Micron)
Class of seagrass -- Sandy coralline
Class of seagrass -- Muddy
Class of seagrass -- Transition
Depth Range -- Mean (m)
Depth Range -- Maximum (m)
Depth Range -- Minimum (m)
Present (year 2000) area (hectare)
Seagrass -- Number of seagrass species
Seagrass -- Seagrass productivity (mg/m/d)
Penaeids -- Number of penaeids genera
Penaeids -- Number of penaeids species
Penaeids -- Penaeids density (Number/m)
Gastropods -- Number of gastropods genera
Gastropods -- Number of gastropods species
Gastropods -- Gastropods density (number/)
Seahorses -- Number of seahorse genera
Seahorses -- Number of seahorse species
Seahorses -- Seahorse density (Number/m)
Urchins -- Number of urchins genera
Urchins -- Number of urchins species
Urchins -- Urchins density (Number/m)
Siganids -- Number of siganids genera
Siganids -- Number of siganids species
Siganids -- Siganids density (number/m
Holothurians -- Number of holothurians genera
Holothurians -- Number of holothurians species
Holothurians -- Holothurians density (Number/)
Starfish -- Number of starfish genera
Starfish -- Number of starfish species
Starfish -- Starfish density (Number/m)
Number of endemic species
Number of indigenous species
Number of rare species
Number of endangered and threatened species -- Critically Endangered (CR)
Number of endangered and threatened species -- Endangered (EN)
Number of endangered and threatened species -- Vulnerable (VU)
Number of Migratory species
Ecology Diversity -- Number of other ecosystems interact with this seagrass bed
Salinity fluctuation -- Distance to freshwater inflow (km)
Salinity fluctuation -- Extreme lowest salinity (ppt)
Salinity fluctuation -- Extreme highest salinity (ppt)
Water quality -- Heavy metals (mg/l)
Water quality -- POPs (mg/l)
Water quality -- Nutrients (mg/l)
Water quality -- Algal blooms (Events/Year)
Suspended sediment from dredging and reclamation -- Sediment traping rate (g/m/d)
Suspended sediment from dredging and reclamation -- Secchi disk depth (m)
Fishing damage -- Damaged shoot (shoots/m)
Fishing damage -- Damaged biomass (g/m
Fishing damage -- Damaged area (m)
Over fishing -- Declining in CPUE over last decade (Percent/Decade)
Trampling and gleaning -- Damaged seagrass (shoots/m)
Trampling and gleaning -- Gleaned organisms (number/m)
Existing status (IUCN Category)