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SCS - Coral Reef Site
Coral Reef IDTH0004
Coral Reef Site Name
Southern most Latitude
Northern most Latitude
Western most Longtitude
Eastern most Longtitude
Reef Type
Mean Depth (Meter)
Maximum Depth (Meter)
Minimum Depth (Meter)
Average cross sectional slope (Degree)
Present (Year 2000) Area (Hectare)
Average rate of change over the last decade in area cover (Hectare/Year)
Number of coral zone (by dominant species)
Number of hard coral genera
Number of hard coral species
Number of soft coral genera
Number of soft coral species
Hard coral diversity index
Soft Coral diversity index
Live coral cover (all species) (%)
Change in live coral cover over last decade (all species) (Percent/decade)
Number of algae genera
Number of algae species
Percent algae cover (%)
Change in algae cover area over time (Percent/decade)
Number of molluscs genera
Number of molluscs species
Molluscs density (number/m)
Number of crustacean genera
Number of crustacean species
Crustacean density (number/m)
Number of echinoderm genera
Number of echinoderm species
Echinoderm density (number/m)
Number of polychaete genera
Number of polychaete species
Polychaete density (number/m)
Number of coral reef fish genera
Number of coral reef fish species
Coral reef fish density (number/hectare)
Number of transient fish genera
Number of transient fish species
Transient fish density (number/hectare)
Number of mammal species
Mammal density (number/hectare)
Number of larvae genera
Number of larvae species
Larvae density (number/m)
Major exploited species group
Level of exploitation (kg./year)
Number of other ecosystems interact with this coral reef
Number of endemic species
Number of indigenous species
Number of rare species
Number of critically Endangered species (CR)
Number of endangered species(EN)
Number of vulnerable species
Existing international recognition
Long-term management plans
Medium-term management plans
Shot-term management plans
Existing MPA status (IUCN Category)
Management or preservation activities on site
Existing level and quality of site management
Existing support to institutional management
Long-term sustainability including prospects for revenue generation
Potential aspects that can be developed wisely in the site
Average level of direct stakeholder involvement in management
Long term environmental perspective
Destructive harvesting -- Bombing (number/year)
Destructive harvesting -- Poisoning (number/year)
Destructive harvesting -- Bottom trawl
Destructive harvesting -- Plant/animal removal
Destructive harvesting -- Other
Pollution -- Sedimentation
Pollution -- Oil
Pollution -- Heavy metals
Pollution -- Organic pollutants
Pollution -- Eutrophication
Pollution -- Salinity change
Pollution -- Thermal change
Pollution -- Pesticides
Pollution -- Other
Coastal development - Dredging
Coastal development - Tourism
Natural disaster -- Storm
Natural disaster -- Volcano
Natural disaster -- Land subsidence
Natural disaster -- Sea level rise
Natural disaster -- Bleaching of coral
Starfish Crown of Thorn (number/m)
Bleaching event (number/decade)
Development Plan
Distance of planned development to the coral reef area (km)
Social and economic drivers of change in environmental state -- Population growth (Percent/Year)
Social and economic drivers of change in environmental state -- Resident human population
Social and economic drivers of change in environmental state -- Migration (Percent/Year)
Social and economic drivers of change in environmental state -- Average GDP growth during the last decade (Percent/Year)
Management regime -- Land-use planning
Management regime -- Coastal zoning
Management regime -- Institutional framework
Management regime -- Stakeholder co-ordination
Management regime -- Restoration
Management regime -- Stakeholder investment
Management regime -- Fishery practices
Management regime -- Other
Current use -- Commercial
Current use -- Subsistence
Current use -- Fishing ground
Current use -- Tourism
Current use -- MPA
Current use -- Other
Traditional use
Potential use -- Tourism
Potential use -- MPA
Potential use -- Other
Extractive use -- Reef related fish landing value (USD/Year)
Extractive use -- Subsistence fishery value (USD/Year)
Non-extractive use-Tourism -- Number of visitors (number/year)
Non-extractive use-Tourism -- Number of people involved in Tourism industry
Non-extractive use-Tourism -- Number of chalets/hotels operators
Non-extractive use-Tourism -- Number of ferry/boats operators
Non-extractive use-Tourism -- Number of guide/agents
Non-extractive use-Tourism -- Other
Environmental services -- Coastal protection value (USD/Year)
Environmental services -- Sediment stabilisation value (USD/Year)
Environmental services -- Water quality enhancement value (USD/Year)
Environmental services -- Contaminant sink value (USD/Year)
Environmental services -- Reduction of wave energy & erosion value (USD/Year)
Environmental services -- Other